Bute, April 2019

June 1, 2019 9:56 am

We love a good road trip and this time it was to the Isle of Bute where our old favourite dive sites are. April 2019 was the month we embarked on this particular adventure for several reasons: it’s great fun, it would enable us to complete PADI further education courses, increase the experience for our Divemaster’s in regards to managing dive sites, conditions etc.

We didn’t waste much time, as soon as we arrived on the Island we dropped our bags off and headed straight to check out the dive sites. With Bute being an Island, we knew regardless of the weather conditions we would be able to dive as the wind will be offshore somewhere (usually out of Geoff’s butt ha ha ha). We decided on Ettrick Bay where the visibility was 5m which was great for April. As we prepared to descend, the weather broke and the Sun started to shine through and pierce into the water allowing us to dive in sun beams. The dive lasted 40 minutes and the temperature was 9C. Jo was particularly grateful for her fabulous new O’ Three dry suit where she felt at one with it. The sea life was beginning to emerge, and we saw the hermit Crabs were playful, the edible crabs (we didn’t eat), huge (and cuddly) starfish, scallops and various types of fish. We had six dives in total and the obligatory BBQ bonfire.

The last dive on Sunday was at Killchatton Bay and the visibility settled to 10m. Fun was had by all and another trip will be organized later in 2019 to round off the season.