Available Courses

From giving it a go at the local pool with a “Try Dive” course to receiving an internationally recognised Open Water Certification with PADI, we offer training for all comfort and ability levels.

Adaptive Dive Buddy

Through the Diveheart Adaptive Buddy programme, a diver can acquire the specialised knowledge, training and experience required to qualify as an adaptive buddy. This programme also makes the diver eligible to join the Adaptive Dive Team.

Land clinics
A variety of land-based exercises, including empathy training, predictive briefing, blind diver guidance and more are provided as part of this course.

Confined water
A variety of confined water exercises are also provided.

Entry Requirements

  1. Open Water Certification
  2. Minimum 15 years of age
  3. Proficient in scuba diving, including buoyancy

Qualification for Certification

  1. Read the Diveheart Scuba Instructor and Dive Buddy Manual (Prior to attending the water component of the course)
  2. Complete online training and final exam
  3. Complete confined water dives
  4. Complete open water dives
  5. Have logged at least 20 open water dives