Available Courses

From giving it a go at the local pool with a “Try Dive” course to receiving an internationally recognised Open Water Certification with PADI, we offer training for all comfort and ability levels.

Adaptive Diver Open Water Certification

Students undertaking these two certifications are uniquely qualified to establish and generate greater awareness for adaptive scuba diving. Scuba has a wide array of benefits for individuals with disabilities.

Adaptive Diver and Open Water Certifications will be issued to divers who have successfully completed:

  • Diveheart course requirements, and
  • PADI or other nationally recognised scuba training agency requirements

The diver will receive two certification cards: One Open Water and one Diveheart Adaptive Diver Certification.
Students will then be eligible get certified as Adaptive Dive Buddies, Adaptive Scuba Instructors, or other additional training. There will be NO conditions on the Diveheart certification card.