Available Courses

From giving it a go at the local pool with a “Try Dive” course to receiving an internationally recognised Open Water Certification with PADI, we offer training for all comfort and ability levels.

Advanced Adaptive Dive Team Plus special conditions (AADT+)

This certification will be issued to a diver who has successfully completed:

  • Course requirements for Diveheart
  • Course requirements for PADI
  • Achieved an NSA score above 25

It is the correct certification if you require assistance with:

  • Controlled ascents and descents
  • Equalisation
  • Out-of-air emergency alternatives
  • Full face mask usage
  • Other special assistance, such as adaptation for procedures or equipment

For instance, if a family member or trusted friend is required to help reduce stress or provide emotional security throughout the dive, this certification card will indicate that such individuals must be part of the Adaptive Team.
Such trusted friends or family members must also be Certified Dive Buddies. The other dive team member must be a certified Diveheart Adaptive Instructor (or equivalent). Diving will be prohibited outside of daylight hours and beyond 40 feet in depth.

Additionally, divers will receive this certification if they are unable to, or do not wish to, complete the entire Open Water Course, but do want to complete one of the limited entry-level scuba certifications.
Any other special adaptation, procedure, or equipment that is necessary to assist in the diver’s safety or in performing the required scuba skills will also be noted on the card as a condition for diving.