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From giving it a go at the local pool with a “Try Dive” course to receiving an internationally recognised Open Water Certification with PADI, we offer training for all comfort and ability levels.

PADI Open Water Diver

Get Certified with Divecor and see what the possibilities are.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to scuba dive and experience the underwater world, why not begin your adventure with Divecor and make the adventure a reality? To become a PADI certified diver with us you will complete the PADI open water course, the world’s most popular recreational scuba diving course. The PADI open water certification is recognised all over the world and there are millions of certified divers currently enjoying the underwater world.

To enrol with Divecor for your PADI Open Water or PADI Junior Open Water, your pre-requisites are to be at least 10 years old, have adequate swimming skills and be in good physical shape, you do not need any previous scuba experience.

Contact us to start your journey to the underwater world.

Enroll now on the Open Water Course

Divecor will take you through step by step so you feel comfortable and confident to step into the underwater world.

Our process is:

Theory – There will be 5 academic sessions where your instructor will walk you through the knowledge reviews found at the end of each chapter in your open water manual. We then complete a little quiz before moving onto the next chapter.

Pool – You will complete 5 pool sessions where you will practice what you have learned during the theory sessions. We’ll outline the necessary safety guidelines and teach you the skills needed to dive. During the 5 confined pool sessions it will give you an insight into the underwater world, with that gravity free feeling scuba diving can give you.

Open Water – To complete the course there are 4 open water dives that can be done over a minimum of two days. During the dives you will complete skills that you have learned during the theory and confined pool sessions. Divecor use local dive sites when possible but can complete open water courses at inland sites if speed is an issue and the sea conditions are not favorable.

So we will teach you to:

Go through the equipment and how it will make it easy for you to move underwater.
What it feels like to breathe underwater.
Have fun swimming around and exploring.
Divecor will help plan you future diving requirements and how to become a certified diver.

When can you start?

You can start straight away by contacting us to book your session.

Scuba Gear

Divecor will provide the scuba dive equipment you will use in the pool, you will be asked to fill in an equipment form so we will have your size ready for you. Scuba equipment will be mask, snorkel, fins, regulator, gauges BCD, and tank.

So what now?

Book your PADI open water course with us and start believing in the possibilities.