Kielder Calvert Trust

October 26, 2018 3:21 pm

Working relationships are particularly important in scuba diving on many different levels. One of our most exciting relationships is with the Kielder Calvert Trust.

Their work with people with disabilities is incredible and their ethos is very similar to Divecor’s. Together we have developed a residential package to include a scuba therapy/ try dive in their toasty hydrotherapy pool.

So far we have had a great response and have been humbled by the courage and ability of our new adaptive divers. They are the future of diving.

Cerebral palsy was no barrier for our young man. The use of a full face mask overcame having to hold a regulator in his mouth which he found difficult. Soon he was gravity free, being gently propelled through the water like an astronaut by a small trained dive team.

The Small toy fish that were set free to float around the pool were soon captured by another adaptive diver with Clippers disease. His double vision corrected itself enough under the water for him to grab the fish as he went past. This helped not only his coordination but his self esteem.

A holistic and patient approach built confidence in one of our most vulnerable female adaptive divers with a learning disability. She was soon moving under the water with a level of supervised independence. Her smile and laughter at the end of of her dive was so incredible and uplifting. She was a true inspiration.

Adventure in To a whole new underwater world using your unique adaptive skills with Divecor.