Naidex show, 2019

September 20, 2019 3:21 pm

The world of diving takes us to many amazing places and not just underwater! For the 2nd time Divecor exhibited at the Naidex show (exhibition for people with disabilities). What an inspiring experience! So many people with incredible stories of strength, endurance and fortitude. Our aim was to tell people to believe in the possibilities, in relation to scuba diving of course! However, it was us who were taught just how to believe in the possibilities by the courage and light heartedness of people who triumph over adversity every day in their daily lives. Their enthusiasm in wanting to try scuba diving was overwhelming and gave us great joy to be given the opportunity to share our mutual skills.

It was great to share our passion not only with potential adaptive divers but also other professionals. We were able to network and develop other pathways to increase accessibility for disabled people to try scuba diving. There was so much interest in scuba being used as a therapy and rehabilitative purposes and not just for an end game of a certification. Regular therapy pool sessions were a big hit.

In order to facilitate this we developed a package with the Kielder Calvert Trust, this includes a long weekend residential stay in the accommodation at the Kielder Calvert Trust, a scuba therapy/ try dive in their hydro pool as well as 3 of the other outdoor activities the Calvert Trust have to offer.

We look forward to meeting our new adaptive divers at the weekend in Nov.