Robson Green Experience

November 9, 2021 7:24 pm

Guess who we had Scuba diving in Elswick pool and Capenwray this year. None other than our good friend Robson Green. Robson took time out of his busy schedule to review his Scuba gear and skills for the up and coming series of Coast to Coast Fishing. We managed to convince Robson that Drysuit diving is the way forward for him and managed to get him fitted in a new MSF 500 drysuit from OThree for the scuba diving elements of his show. Working with Robson was a privilege adapting his skills to fit his job role was an interesting way at developing his Scuba diving.

Robson completed his PADI Drysuit course with us in his OThree suit and it was a perfect fit. We hope to work with Robson again in the future especially with his underwater photography and his scuba gear.