Tenerife 2018

October 1, 2018 12:09 pm

We discovered the underwater realm of Tenerife and what an unknown joy. A family of our Open water students know about it already and it was on their recommendation that we went. Once in Tenerife we met our hosts who where amazing showing all of us the island.

Set against a backdrop of volcanic rock we were soon engaging with a collection (bale) of turtles who were just as inquisitive as our seals of our local Farns Islands. Once our dive descended further, we were met by a swirl of Atlantic Rays they enveloped us, and it felt like they were playing tag with each other. It was fun to see the baby one trying to keep up with his parents.

Jo’s excitement peaked when she saw a strange site, a fish initially camouflaged against the seabed, although it seemed to be walking across the bottom on two tiny stick legs, two beautiful wings appeared almost rainbow coloured and the fish seemed to fly off, it was a flying Gurnard.

Tenerife diversity is not only relevant to the sea but its high level of accessibility and rehabilitation facilities makes it a great destination for our adaptive divers.